Trust In Me – Flash Fiction

Trust in Me is a family drama about a woman whose struggle with trust nearly damages her marriage in her pursuit of what she considers truth.

Trust in Me

Wednesday Affirmation

As I was getting ready for work I decided to read my daily affirmation card and the above text gave me a sense of peace. As teachers we deal with so much every day, so this was a breath of fresh air. Let go and let God!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

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Happy Mother’s Day! May your day be filled with with love, joy, and lots of laughter.

The Power of an Apology

Never underestimate the power of an apology. Past hurts are often swept away, forgotten, or sometimes just not acknowledged. The person who experienced the hurt is usually told to let it go, get over it, or move on, but what happens when that hurt is triggered? It’s easy to move on but at some point it has to be dealt with. A simple I know I hurt you and I’m sorry goes a long way. It starts the healing process for both parties and releases the elephant in the room. Try it. I promise it won’t kill you.

Let your good works begin!

Every little thing has value. What you choose to do with little things sets the precedence for how you handle things that you deem more valuable. Be wise in your actions and decision making.

Words are powerful. They can encourage and give life to a person or a situation or they can bring pain and destruction. Sometimes it may not be the words themselves, but the tone behind the words can speak volumes. So today watch your words, watch your tone, and watch your conduct. Be blessed!

I always make plans and wonder why I don’t have the drive to execute the plans. Now I realize that obviously my plans are not aligned with my purpose. My next course of action, meditate, pray, hear, and do. Be blessed!

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