Back to School Blues

For most parents the month of August is a wondrous month. The kids go back to school which translates into peace and tranquility for the parents. For others, back to school is a bittersweet occasion. High school seniors will be headed off to college soon and for those of us who cherished the elementary school years, our babies are entering middle school. Long gone the days of dependence on mom and enter the “I know everything, bad attitude” phase of life. I was prepared when my oldest transitioned into this cool middle school kid, but as my youngest exited the car I felt a sadness. I’m not sure if it’s fear that she’s not ready or fear that she will no longer need me. Friends will become a priority and mom gets put on the back burner. Society is so different now and kids have so much more to deal with like acceptance, a damaged school system, sex, and violence. Wow! That explains why it’s bittersweet. It also explains my paranoia. Having taught middle school for three years I know these years can be tough if kids don’t get the guidance they need. I can go on for hours about that matter, but that’s for another day. As hard as this moment may seem I can only accept that I am really a middle school mom, again. My prayer is that this year be as great as all the others. Stay tuned.

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